How to make the most of your Wallhouse Coffee Wholesale pricing access & delivery policies. Please bookmark or save this page for future reference.


Start by filling out our Wholesale Application here. Once you are approved, you will be sent a price sheet of wholesale products.


Send all orders to

Ordering On Time

All of our Wholesale orders are roasted on Tuesdays. Our roasting team gets a very early start on roasting for the day. Orders placed after Monday at noon can not be guaranteed to be shipped that week. Please be sure to place your order at the latest by Monday at Noon.

Selecting Your Coffee

When you select your beans you will have two variations to choose from: Size and Grind vs Whole Bean.

You can either select your coffee as whole bean or ground. The ground option is our preferred standard grind for most brewing machines. Our Espresso roast will be ground on the espresso grind which is a finer grind.

As a wholesale client, you will have more options when it comes to bag sizes. Your options include: 1 lb. bag, 2 lb. bag or a 5 lb. bag. 

While you are on the product page you will be able to select your: grind/wholesale, bag size and quantity of bags.


Please be aware that the shipping option you use will depend on the status of your account. The two shipping options are as follows: Standard Shipping & Local Wholesale Delivery.

Standard Shipping

There will be a total included in this shipping option. This is the option that the majority of our wholesale clients should use.

LOCAL Wholesale Delivery

This option should only be used by local wholesale clients who are on our weekly delivery route. If you are not on the delivery route, that our staff personally delivers, please do not use this option. This is only used by a handful of local wholesale clients.

If this option is  used and you are not a part of the local delivery route, your order will not be processed; and you will have to redo your order properly.

Payment - Wait for invoice before mailing payment


  • Specify Coffee Options:
    • Grind/Whole Bean
    • Bag Size
    • Quantity of Bags
  • Shipping
    • Standard Shipping – Actual pricing will be on invoice with order
    • Local Delivery – Select customers on our route. You will receive a code.
  • Payment
    • Do Not Pay on Website
    • Invoice will arrive with your order
      • Wait to send check until invoice arrives with accurate total